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Clarity For A Smooth Retirement Transition

Imagine time to do what you want and freedom to do as you please. 

Time by the lake. Time on the fairways. More time with your children and grandchildren. Time to renew yourself and the relationships that matter.

This is what life should provide. This is what matters to Scott Smith – a proud husband, father and grandfather, a Michigan native who loves the special joys of family.

Scott is a retirement planner who helps his peers plan financial transitions and financial futures. His clients are from Ann Arbor to suburban southeast Michigan. They want to sustain and enhance their lifestyle. He shows them how to stay smartly invested, and how to reduce taxes and retain their hard-earned wealth.

He can do the same for you.

Planning to smooth the transition

The five years before and after retirement represent a very important "window" financially. This is the time when you need to do the serious work to prepare for life without a salary ... and it is also the time to refine and adjust the retirement plan that you put in place, as your retirement develops.

Scott can help you with both of these matters. He can review how much retirement savings you have now and detail the possibilities that may help you keep it growing and give you steady retirement income. If you have recently retired, he can check with you to see if your income withdrawals are appropriate for your long-range financial health.

Simplifying the complex

Does reading about financial matters make your head spin? Or do you know quite a bit about investing, but wish you knew more? Scott can explain key concepts and offer advanced strategies for you.

You gain clarity with his financial guidance. You know how your money is invested, and why. He gives you actionable steps to take toward your financial goals.

Why not learn more? Scott invites you to contact him today. Meet a financial advisor who will do some of the hard work for you and take the time to help you plan a coordinated retirement transition.