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 Big League Investments - 

Scott can help you invest in highly diversified and efficient, institutional quality portfolios designed to emphasize securities with higher expected returns. Most individual investors can't access accounts like these. As an independent advisor, Scott can help you explore investments and decide which might be right for you.


Choices for retirement income

Often, people find they need additional income streams to supplement their current portfolio return, their pension, and Social Security income. They are notably low-risk investments that can "bridge the gap", with the potential for periodic income payments. If these investments are appropriate for your retirement objectives, Scott can let you know.

Strategies to encourage wealth preservation

What plans do you have in place to make your wealth last? Scott can help you take a look at some useful wealth preservation and wealth transfer options - Stretch IRAs, tax-exempt trusts, and other methods - and collaborate with your trusted legal and business advisors to put them into play.

Meet a retirement planning specialist who understands where you come from, who will listen to you as you express your vision of where you want to go and what you want your future to look like.  Meet Scott Smith.